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Lucky Rainbow Leprechaun Trap This is so fun and clever your family will LOVE it! You don't even have to be Irish! Set up your beautiful rainbow and lucky four leaf clover pathway so you can try to catch a leprechaun! 12- Rainbow strips 1- Pathway with adhesive. 6- White clouds. 8- Four-leaf clovers. 1- Leprechaun silhouette How to catch a Leprechaun: My family puts gold coins at the entrance of the rainbow, and through the path of the rainbow and down along the magical 4 leaf clover path. The path leads the leprechaun to a pile of shiny gold coins set inside your trap! The trap can be made with pots and pans, or boxes and tape, or even laundry baskets with tree branches. :) To date we have never caught a leprechaun, but that magic little guy tries to take our gold coins and leaves us candy every time! We love it! Fun family memories and holiday traditions. Check out my shops pinterest page for more ideas!