What I Know For Sure About Learning


Thanks to Jackie at Room 213 for organizing this blog hop! It's so true, right?  When I think about my own experiences ...


  1. Posted by sgibson524, — Reply

    These are all great suggestions for creating better teacher-student relationships. Strengthening relationships with your students can help to build a more positive classroom community.

  2. Posted by amytanklefsky, — Reply

    When you find yourself struggling to maintain a positive attitude about a student, make yourself sit and think about doing at least two of these activities regarding that one particular student. If there are multiple students, do this for each and every student you are struggling with. But make it genuine.

  3. Posted by tenichwang, — Reply

    It is very important to let students know that we care about them. We not only care about their final scores, but also cheer for every single step they've made. I especially like the celebration, we celebrate for every kid's success and for their mistakes as well. The kids should know that it is fine to make mistakes, and we will try to fix the mistakes.

  4. Posted by censher, — Reply

    I think that students have a really hard time connecting with teacher because there is often some belief that teachers are "out to get them". Especially when they are struggling with a topic or they have gotten a bad score. I find that doing these things from the beginning of the class makes students be more accountable and less likely to push back as well as also being more open to help.

  5. Posted by sabrinadepaolis, — Reply

    These are all great ideas to incorporate in the classroom, it's personalized, engaging and fun.

  6. Posted by iaindavidh, — Reply

    There are some great ideas here to help your students feel you care

  7. Posted by richhl4, — Reply

    These ideas are simple but will have a significant impact on students. I especially like writing personalized notes rather than just the standard good. This helps students feel like the teacher has actually read their work. I always try to do greet my students by name as they come into class every day. It can help them to feel special and let’s them know we see them. Showing up to extracurricular events is also a big one - it shows you care inside and outside of the classroom

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