Wedding Planning Template Pack for Excel


Download 3 Excel spreadsheets to help you plan your wedding, including a wedding budget, checklist, and guest list. Each of these templates can be edited with Excel to suit your specific wedding plans. 1) Wedding Budget (wedding-budget.xlsx): Unless you are extremely wealthy and have an unlimited budget, you'll need something to help you stay realistic. This budget spreadsheet is simple to use and contains a fairly comprehensive set of categories unique to weddings. 2) Wedding Checklist (wedding-checklist.xlsx): This is a printable checklist that can help you avoid leaving out important items as you plan. 3) Wedding Guest List (wedding-guest-list.xlsx): This spreadsheet is used to create your invitation list for the dinner and reception. You can also print it out and use it as you are opening your gifts to keep track of who gave what. Bonus) Wedding Budget 2.0 (wedding-budget-2.xlsx): Includes all the same categories as the original, but lets you input the unit cost and quantity for each item. This version is currently only available in this template pack on Etsy. REQUIRED: Microsoft Excel 2010 or later. These files also work in Excel Online and Excel for iPad/iPhone. LICENSE: The license agreement associated with these files can be found here: If you do not want to purchase this bundle from our shop here on Etsy, you can find the first three templates available as FREE downloads on