The Sunday Post #225


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  1. Posted by valentinafernandez07, — Reply

    YESSS! Is It only me who hates video calls?

  2. Posted by IdEcWhAtToPuT, — Reply

    This exact thing happened to me! I was crying in my room, and my mom comes in and is like, why don't we set up a call for all of your friends? 𝙉𝙤.

  3. Posted by avvvverrrrry, — Reply

    more like hey guys y’all up for a zoom today? friends:sure! **friends and me not available at any time for a zoom for the next month even tho we r in quarantine

  4. Posted by natsukiyoro, — Reply

    yesss, I really have this problem and I barely contact my friends now lol. idk, quarantine makes me want to just take care of myself more lol and just take a break from any social media.

  5. Posted by lulusuck, — Reply

    My parents set up a surprise video call on my BIRTHDAY with my friends who I hadn’t talked to in at least 5 months and it was so awkward afterwards I cried for a full 2 hours

  6. Posted by Auri159, — Reply

    One : shall we meet monday? My friends: Oh yes. Me: Ehh nope My face:🤨😐😑 Sensibility= 0% Friends:Why? Me: I have to do homework Reality: I have to play videogames, watch tv and sleep

  7. Posted by Mendes08isthebest, — Reply

    Same with me like I moved away and on one video call my friends were totally ignoring me and they were just talking to each other so I basically don’t video chat anymore cause people keep doing that

  8. Posted by emlehrkamp, — Reply

    Me: I miss y’all so much! Them: Let’s FaceTime! Me: I don’t miss y’all that much. Jeez

  9. Posted by QueenFreeGift, — Reply

    I bloody hate Zooming! It's a fantastic tool / platform. I just get antsy after about 5 minutes and then want it to be over.

  10. Posted by djcrafter06, — Reply

    TBH, I quite like the fact that I don't have to talk to or see anyone 😅

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