The Plump Method for Curly Girls Explained in 5 Simple Steps


More and more women join the Curly Girl Method Club. The plump-styling technique can turn your dull, frizzy hair into bouncy and fluffy curls. This plump method routine is very easy and rewarding to stick to!


  1. Posted by kest812, — Reply

    Complete waste of my time. My hair looks better after simply air drying with 0 product than after following these steps. They came out terrible.

  2. Posted by lcruzrubiolaw, — Reply

    Plumping works! You just need to master the technique it’s a trial and error thing, but definitely not a waste of time lol. There’s different hair textures and even variations within textures. The right amount of the right product, the right technique and the right attitude all have an effect on the overall result.

  3. Posted by carmmorelli45, — Reply

    How come I can’t see all the comments?

  4. Posted by la_diosa_j, — Reply

    Plump method? Do u mean PLOP method whn you jus plop yo hair in a cotton tee?

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