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let me explain. Okay, so before you judge me too harshly on the ‘before’ of this linen closet, let me just explain its origins. We moved in at the end of February and were still knee deep in renovations. So, this closet – among other places – was one area that just got neglected for


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    A invitation to follow on Instagram kept popping up. Couldn't read the article. Totally annoying.

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    Yes, it's pretty good this linen closet. I like the way you arrange things. The shelves are installed neatly so it gives a well organized impression. I want to try to make it at home. Hopefully this way can provide a solution for me to rearrange the items in my home. As seen in this picture, it is very interesting what is displayed is very inspiring that makes people moved to make the same thing. 💪👉

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    love the clean lines and your organization!

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    It's impressive.

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    Linen cupboard?

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    This highly functional cabinet is a solution to maximizing the existing space at home to be more functional. of course, this will be very helpful when we want to store some items that do not have storage space anymore. I will make this at home because, in my opinion, it will be very useful in my home so that the items in my house are not cluttered and the house is protected from the chaos caused by too many items.✌😅

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