Natalia Lite


The rounded v-shape design adds the perfect hint of glamour to your looks. While these lashes are lightweight in design, their shape, texture, and appearance will intensify your eyes. See our Premium version, Natalia for a more dramatic style. *Lashes can be reused 15+ times with proper care. Complete your look with our latex-free lash adhesive. Need help? You can find tips and tricks on how to apply here   CATEGORY SOFT GLAM STYLE LITE TYPE ROUND FIBERS SYNTHETIC HAIR LENGTH 7mm (INNER), 15mm(CENTER), 10mm(OUTER) BAND 31mm


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    Sorry for the self promo but I’ve been working really hard on my boards and I have similar content so u should definitely check it out 🖤🥰

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    Hey people!! Wanna follow me? My friends and i are doing a challenge of who can get to/reach 300 before July!

  3. Posted by kailee0942, — Reply

    i LOVE this eye look it looks like nothing is out of place and the clouds look awesome

  4. Posted by tammytrumbley, — Reply

    Noo way!!! That would be pricey to have done! Beautiful artwork

  5. Posted by absullivan4, — Reply

    Gorgeous! My hooded eyes could never

  6. Posted by 76smroberts, — Reply

    now that´s cute you go girl

  7. Posted by judearvi, — Reply

    esta muy bonito

  8. Posted by saraimondragon585, — Reply

    Beautiful I would never

  9. Posted by lalisamabon, — Reply

    wish i was up there ❤❤😍😍

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