I Create Intricate Drawings Of Animals Embedded With Their Natural Habitats


I'm Weronika, I'm a t-shirt designer and illustrator from Poland. For as long as I can remember I was fascinated with nature and animals. As a child I spent days observing the lives of insects and other small creatures in my garden or watching David Attenborough’s documentaries.


  1. Posted by lawrencebeetlejuice, — Reply

    The turtle would just be crushed because there is no shell to provide protection from predators

  2. Posted by iingbretson, — Reply

    Omg I love it I would try to draw it but I would just end up recycling it cause it would look so terrible

  3. Posted by lynnshort6369, — Reply

    Awesome! I <3 turtles

  4. Posted by hannahdascotte, — Reply

    Here’s my go at it :)

  5. Posted by ebaleh, — Reply

    Love it but to hard

  6. Posted by AKbigmanting, — Reply

    so cute!!! I wish I had that skill!!!

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