How To Make Easy Chia Pudding | vegan + gluten-free | Two Spoons


Learn How to make easy chia pudding. A classic recipe with just three ingredients. Vegan, gluten-free, healthy and easy. Great for breakfast or snack time.


  1. Posted by lindymmc, — Reply

    So I tried this again, using the same amount of milk but added more chia seeds with some raspberry puree and honey for sweetness! It turned out AWESOME!!!! Thanks to Julia Harris, Hope Kimmel and BeFree Living for advice. I'm loving my chia PUDDING!!!!!

  2. Posted by JWSister, — Reply

    Add various extracts, powders, and fruits for lots of flavors. Chia seeds, Cocoa powder with Swerve should be great. I love vanilla too. Chia seeds, Vanilla paste, Swerve, with whipped cream on top. All KETO friendly.

  3. Posted by gahyik3451528, — Reply

    definitely not the most appetizing to look at but it’s very tasty! I’ve been making chia seed pudding for awhile trying to find good recipes and it’s such a delicious and healthy dessert/ snack

  4. Posted by kimnyitrai, — Reply

    Imade it and it’s really good I used monk fruit sweetener to lessen the carbs, I can’t eat jello due to texture have no problem with this!

  5. Posted by justmebabs, — Reply

    Yes I agree ..if your in the chocolate mood add good powder it's good I might have to add a little more sweetner but it taste like chocolate tapioca pudding .. I eat chia seeds everyday day for the health benefits ..they are good in anything ..even fresh lemon juice lemonade .

  6. Posted by jgfederizo, — Reply

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  7. Posted by audiehankins, — Reply

    First time I made it all the chai seeds went to the bottom and made a hard mass at the bottom of my bowl. How do you keep it from doing that?

  8. Posted by AliceInWinter, — Reply

    I wouldn’t mind trying to make it myself, but I was wondering if the texture for chia pudding is always so slimy? I’ve only tried chia pudding once and I liked the flavor, but had a hard time tolerating the texture after a few bites.

  9. Posted by samuri1989, — Reply

    I've been making chia pudding for a few years now and I just discovered this method of blending the fruit/ect with the milk before you add the chia. I have to say it's such a game changer and I can't believe i didn't think of this before! I'm enjoying a beautiful purple blueberry hazelnut chia pudding right now😋

  10. Posted by aeberhart0442, — Reply

    I tried the chia pudding and it does thicken only in individual clumps. Do you have any suggestions?

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