Harry Potter Spell List edited p1


If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be "doesn't follow instructions".


  1. Posted by ksummerskill12, — Reply

    Wait in, Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban, they could have used homorphus on Lupin when he was attacking

  2. Posted by ontheedgemc, — Reply

    What about redonto

  3. Posted by tcs438568, — Reply

    i had no idea there were SO many spells

  4. Posted by LifeAsAphotographer, — Reply

    I idk what is Harry Potter ?

  5. Posted by Lionblaze123, — Reply

    Can colloportus be undone by alohomora?

  6. Posted by dalyliahguerrero, — Reply

    ima use confringo later

  7. Posted by limelight2792016, — Reply

    where is lumos?

  8. Posted by sonofawench, — Reply

    you forgot the best one, and the only one not in latin, EAT SLUGS

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