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  1. Posted by byersjackie157, — Reply

    t to the office tomorrow and will get back with you but I don't want me and you to get a better idea for sure it will be in the next two days and we will be there in about an hour if that is the one who is still stands beside the point where I am confused again.

  2. Posted by acurrier05, — Reply

    ok yes like love yourself and be kind to yourself and enjoy your own company and dont put all your happiness into one person because if they leave then momentarily so will your happiness but its also good to find people you trust and relate to and to have someone who you like to be around u know?

  3. Posted by giraffesyeahhh, — Reply

    I agree with this so hard. I know I am someone I will have constantly. I am a constant, the people around me aren't a constant. As unfortunate as it is to say, I've learned I am not very good at this whole social thing, and it's hard to keep friends in my life. Luckily I still have some at the moment.

  4. Posted by iholdbeauty, — Reply

    Jesus is the bestest best friend ever ever. šŸ™ƒšŸ¤— He has never let any down. He will be a better friend than you can ever be to yourself.

  5. Posted by byersjackie157, — Reply

    you need to wait for your turn, I have been there for a bit more than 5 years.god's blessing to you.

  6. Posted by S_is_for_sarah, — Reply

    That's great and all but I'm a extrovert

  7. Posted by 0kayyy, — Reply

    yess omg šŸ’žšŸ’•

  8. Posted by 25wamsleyc, — Reply

    But what if it goes to far to where Iā€™m talking to myself

  9. Posted by lps123456788, — Reply

    You also need god, once you have god, you will accept the way he made you

  10. Posted by janayathorne1, — Reply

    I know. I get it. But I simply can't. I want to. But I can't

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