Digital Planner with Summer in Tuscany theme for Goodnotes and Notability on iPad and tablets


Tuscan Summer themed digital planner for iPad to use in Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo and any tablet app that allows linked PDFs. 82 pages with Monday-start calendar, weekly, daily, goals, habits, health, money planners, notes + todos. Hyperlinked for easy access and prettified with Italian themed terrazzo artwork. 📝 Plus instructions on how to download your PDF to your tablet and import it into Goodnotes and Notability. 📺 Watch me walk through the Tuscan planner in this 8 minute video linked below: 💕 Be transported to the rolling hills of Tuscany, calm your nervous system, tune into your intuition and plan your days from a place of bliss! After a few weeks indoors, I woke up one morning longing to click my fingers and open my eyes in Italy! The warm sun on my shoulders, the 2 hour discussions over a leisurely savoured lunch and the reverence for beauty. Giving in to pure appreciation of life! I channelled this longing for my own little Tuscan getaway into this digital planner so I could open the planner each day and feel like I'm there. And then, use that inspired energy to create! I hope you enjoy travelling to Toscana with me, pour yourself a glass of Chianti 🍷 and let's begin planning our new chapters from the olive groves of Tuscany... 😊 ________________________ With this digital planner: 🌿 1. Set themes or your word of the month with the year overview page. I like to think of this as the master vision page :) 🌿 2. What steps will help you grow in your work and personal life? Use the calendar month pages to see your month at a glance and jot down all your big commitments in one place 🌿 3. A week is a perfect stretch of time to bring an idea to life! Use your weekly plan to map out your days and remember to include rest and relaxation days! 🌿 4. Reclaim your time by mapping out your hours with the daily hourly plan. Don't worry about being strict here, even 1 hour towards your dreams adds up to progress you can be proud of 🌿 5. What habits and practices will made you feel your best this week? Track your habits and reflect on what makes life work 🌿 6. Plan yummy meals that nourish your body and give you energy using the Health planner layout 🌿 7. Mastering your finances is your new normal! Track your budget, expenses and revenue in style. Financially empowered women change the world! 🌿 8. Intentionally up-level the core areas of your life using the Goals layouts. When you break it all down into mini-steps it no longer feels so scary 🌿 9. Stay calm and sane by using your checklists to keep all those plates spinning... You're a superwoman! 🌿 10. Use the beautiful notes pages to write down all your precious ideas and creative ramblings in one place ________________________ ⚡️ This is an instant download ⬇️ so you can airdrop it over to your iPad and import straight into Goodnotes app immediately! Start planning and creating right away :) 🌍 The beautiful thing about digital planners? You can use them no matter where you are. When you're travelling, in transition, staying with friends or family and there's no printer in sight... No problem! Your iPad planner is right at your fingertips. ________________________ W H A T ' S I N S I D E ? 83 pages that you can duplicate or delete as much as you need. • Tuscan picnic visualisation intro • Yearly overview page • 12 undated calendars • 5 weekly planner pages • 7 daily planner pages • 5 habits pages • 5 health pages • 3 sets of money pages (Revenue, Expenses, Budget) • 3 sets of goals pages (goals grid, goals planner) • 10 notes pages • 7 checklists pages (duplicate to infinity if you love lists like I do!) 📝 Plus instructions on how to download your PDF to your tablet and import it into Goodnotes and Notability. ________________________ ✱ ✱ BONUS GIFT ✱ ✱ Want to get 20% off your first order + a free todo-list? Copy + paste the link below into a new tab: ________________________ DOWNLOADING: ✱ These are instant digital download PDFs which you can use it right away! So you won't be receiving anything in the post! ✱ Once you purchase you'll be taken to a page where you can download instantly ✱ You'll receive an email with your downloads too ✱ You can download them as many times as you like by going to You > Purchases and reviews IMPORT TO YOUR TABLET: ✱ Download to your computer or open the Etsy website on your tablet and directly download ✱ If you're downloading on desktop computer first, send the file to your iPad using airdrop for Mac or email or dropbox ✱ Import to Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf or Xodo ✱ Write and plan using your stylus just as you would with a paper planner ________________________ Made with love ♡ Message me if you have any questions! Thank you :) Aimee Johanan


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