The Pixie and Brutus comic series is so sincere, it manages to unite cat and dog lovers with every strip it releases. What began as a random animal adventure has evolved into so much more and now the fans of Pixie and Brutus can't get enough of it. And to satisfy their desire, they even started making their own comics in between the releases of the originals. Some of them are really, really good as well.


  1. Posted by Bubbab3ar, — Reply

    I love how Brutus is a very strong murder machine and he does everything in his power to protect pixie a make sure she stays happy and innocent

  2. Posted by nolankblackwelder, — Reply

    My guess Is i think he got shot by a bullet because he’s supposed to be a dog who helped in war

  3. Posted by underworldking9, — Reply

    Too pure and innocent... 😍😍😍 MUST PROTECT AT ALL COSTS!

  4. Posted by ayang42796, — Reply

    Credit to original artist

  5. Posted by ToastAndNoodles, — Reply

    What was in his ear tho

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