Bookcase Styling - Essential Pieces for a New Look — Jenny Reimold


One of the most common areas that people struggle with is bookcase or shelf styling. There are often many surfaces of different sizes so naturally, deciding what to put on those can be difficult. In an attempt to assist with this common problem, I have put together a few steps and essential pieces for styling your bookcases, built-ins and shelves.


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    It’s a book case!! Where’s the books?

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    nice profile

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    nice pic

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    We hope you love our home decor just as much as we do!

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    This is the Styling Bookcase that I have seen before at a home decor exhibition in one of the places in the Netherlands. When I saw this Bookcase Styling, I was not surprised. The style used is abstract style so as to create a natural and luxurious impression. This is an idea that many people use in the Netherlands. I was going to apply this idea to my home, but in the end I thought it was impossible because my children would always make this mess. ☺😪😪

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