gag gifts

135 gag gifts


  1. Posted by caldu_o, — Reply

    Most of these are fake, not real iphones. Special fake-text msg websites. But they're just funny, so dont really give that much hate guys/...

  2. Posted by RubyandSassy, — Reply

    The funny thing is, they don’t realize they input the wrong contact... like, this is fake, and they never type the contact correctly

  3. Posted by leanne6359, — Reply

    🔥she is going to end up with an Xbox and a couple more hundred pounds on her receipt

  4. Posted by lwall0406, — Reply

    Omg lots of people say blondie’s with credit cards are stupid as hell

  5. Posted by jaymason464, — Reply

    If you really did that you're an idiot

  6. Posted by aidanv2205, — Reply

    If this is real, then both of their names are Blondie

  7. Posted by jaedynabailey, — Reply

    Facepalms. Oowwwww..... I hit my head too hard

  8. Posted by maryjfloresmf, — Reply

    I cant believe hpw stupid blondie is!

  9. Posted by vivirushing, — Reply


  10. Posted by ZoArt129, — Reply

    Stupid! (the girl I mean)

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