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  1. Posted by destinynpabon, — Reply

    I remember wen my mama was in the kitchen cooking and we was having a great convo on family and then she had to turn it into a convo about my choices on men and my life’s mistakes, I’m like really ma😩😩

  2. Posted by ariyanna6, — Reply

    When you practice for a test all day but when you get to school to take it and you get an F- but the bad kid gets an A+ 🤔

  3. Posted by sunny_paradise, — Reply

    literally my mom will turn anything into a lecture

  4. Posted by Adamaris17, — Reply

    When some girls don’t understand how sports are 🤦🏻‍♀️

  5. Posted by S4TURNSMOONS, — Reply

    she be yelling at me like i did sum wrong

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