35 WTF Fun Facts For Your Brain to Absorb


35 WTF Fun Facts For Your Brain to Absorb - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.


  1. Posted by carlitasnyman, — Reply

    She is one of the best royals to ever exist. It's just a shame she didn't live longer because she really was an encredible woman.

  2. Posted by adelinaajulo, — Reply

    (3) When did they finally start to grow and give AIDs research proper funding? No, people didn't magically start caring about gay people or drug addicts, a very famous straight man who was a sex symbol at the time was diagnosed with AIDs and he went public with it. Suddenly, it was no longer a disease that only affected the "worst" of society and everyone was in danger

  3. Posted by adelinaajulo, — Reply

    (4) so yea, royalty touching someone HIV positive is a very huge deal and it tells you a lot about her as a person

  4. Posted by A_Martian_Fate, — Reply

    And then John Mulaney had to go and kill her smh (tell me someone gets it)

  5. Posted by dudewritewithgrammar, — Reply

    I love this woman

  6. Posted by macktymon, — Reply

    Damn we really never deserved her.

  7. Posted by nosurrenderdh, — Reply

    Lovely women ! The Royals fuked her over

  8. Posted by rypar7655, — Reply

    It's Roger Taylor and Freddy Mercury

  9. Posted by vaping_white_and_orange_cat, — Reply

    Why does the man look like Freddie Mercury??

  10. Posted by bedinini777, — Reply

    Princess Diana is so kind and nice

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