28 Tumblr Posts That Are Really Funny And Maybe A Little Blasphemous


"When Jesus knew Judas would betray him but invited him to brunch just for the drama of it all."


  1. Posted by geminibmc15, — Reply

    If someone can please translate the entire bible into text and meme format that would be great. Maybe I'd read it 🤷‍♀️

  2. Posted by kidsketchy, — Reply

    Wouldn’t you like to know weather boi

  3. Posted by jaso0on, — Reply

    ok but i was genuinely confused for a second because i read bunny instead of funny so the whole text post didn't make any sense and then i reread it and was like i guess i'm the second funny bitch

  4. Posted by D_with_a_C, — Reply

    I didn't see this much Christianity-related action on the internet since some people tried to petition Netflix to cancel Good Omens last year.

  5. Posted by ftenns9073, — Reply

    To me this is sad because I don’t know why someone would cuss and say God in the same sentence I’m a Christian and I don’t think this is funny, I think this is very sad 😔 and don’t know why anyone would think it’s funny (not trying to be rude I’m just saying my opinion)

  6. Posted by SwissChocolateCosplays, — Reply

    I'm Christian and I shouldn't be laughing at this but it's funny....

  7. Posted by jocysoto13, — Reply

    I'm watching a movie about Jesus' life while reading this post. My mom didn't appreciate my snort of laughter

  8. Posted by Is_this_the_Krusty_Krab, — Reply

    Do i lOoK llkE a bRoTheRkEEpeR

  9. Posted by willowwatson, — Reply

    Man there really be people who can't handle a fucking joke like damn welcome to the internet mfs

  10. Posted by mo25mm, — Reply

    Why ask questions you already know the answer too unless your trying to be a bitch anyway.

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