21 Medieval Pictures That Are Hilariously Relevant To Your Life Today


Dost thou care to laugh?


  1. Posted by hannahstarinieri, — Reply

    Quick tip. Go to the farthest edge of the picture and you will probably get cut out on accident

  2. Posted by keenee3283, — Reply

    i think someone had trouble painting a decent nose lmao

  3. Posted by herloserlife, — Reply

    That looks like a titan

  4. Posted by baileywharem, — Reply

    maybe that's just how u look haha!!

  5. Posted by mlejla11, — Reply

    Mostly in school photos😐

  6. Posted by navneetalex, — Reply

    Ah yes enslaved ugliness.

  7. Posted by myusername642, — Reply

    That's creepy, man! That ain't even funny. 😣

  8. Posted by LillieFreeman0, — Reply

    - most people

  9. Posted by jadej1891, — Reply

    shawty bad

  10. Posted by pumpkinpie0327, — Reply


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