18 Times Tumblr Was Truly Bizarre, But Also Funny


I can't explain why I'm laughing so hard, but I cannot stop.


  1. Posted by trucetruce, — Reply

    Listen, if it’s particularly cold I’m not against slipping on a fuzzy pair but they’re almost guaranteed to end up kicked off by the morning

  2. Posted by TheLazyDireWolf, — Reply

    Aren't u supposed to not wear socks to bed because you can get skin issues due to the extra sweat that can't escape... that's what I was told

  3. Posted by hvirtala, — Reply

    It would be interesting to know nationally who wears socks while sleeping and in what kind of house. Does blanket beat socks? If one wants to sleep nude but is very tall does one uses socks?

  4. Posted by stormgirl2211, — Reply

    My friend wears one sock to bed. She starts out with two, but somehow she always takes one off in her sleep. And it's only ever one, never both

  5. Posted by livingstonmaria29, — Reply

    What has this society come too, people are judging on sleeps with socks and who without? Let me show you... Its obvious we sleep with slippers! Like whom invented this lexicon anyway. (This is a joke BTW please don't be offended)

  6. Posted by Amrythenerd, — Reply

    That conversation seems like they're playing uno, but the only card they have is the reverse card™ and then the last one just uses blue eyes white dragon

  7. Posted by brook8356, — Reply

    Who actually wears socks to bed? It feels so weird because its hard to move around your legs, since the socks rub against the sheets beneath you.

  8. Posted by audrxylina, — Reply

    I don’t wear socks to bed most of the time, but when I do idk it’s weird but somehow while I’m sleeping I’ll take my socks off?? and then in the morning it’s like “well I gotta find my socks now ig”🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Posted by forgeplane, — Reply

    I've attempted to wear socks to sleep. Without fail, I have gotten them off by the time I wake up So if my feet are cold I just use extra blankets

  10. Posted by Someone_Artsyy, — Reply

    Who... sleeps... with socks.... I mean, Dey feel nice for a while, the you just get to the point of MY FEET, THEIR BURNINGG. and then you have 2 balls of fabric bumping into your legs during the night,.,..

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