12 Creative DIY Ideas you are sure to Love!


I have been seeing so many amazing ideas floating around lately and I wanted to put a bunch of them together for you all to check out! All of these are fantastic & unique ideas that look so much fun to make from awesome websites all over! To see any directions, just click on the title & it will bring you there :) DIY Tree Ring Planter   LadyBug Painted Tire Swing Idea! DIY Tire Swans are easy and beautiful! DIY Tire Snowmen! They never melt ;) FOOTPRINT BEARS KEEPSAKE...sooo adorable! SEASHELL SUCCULENT PLANTER   Stuff'em before you roast them!


  1. Posted by cscurnow, — Reply

    That tree will die over time from from putting soil up too high around the base of the original level where the tree was planted. Doing this will slowly suffocate the root system, killing the tree. Not everything on Pinterest is a good idea, do your research first!

  2. Posted by KerryNFlores, — Reply

    Not really understand about any gardening stuffs. But, I think this one is practically fine. Nothin's wrong. Perhaps. At least, it can be used as decorative factor. Looks how cute a tree was protected by a bunch of flowers. I love seeing they're completing each other. Big love from me. 💗

  3. Posted by wdefaz, — Reply

    Pretty sure this a sure way to kill your tree. Roots and trunk can’t be covered like this. Even building mulch up too much around the base of a tree isn’t good.

  4. Posted by jaquidonkruger, — Reply

    Never pile dirt against a tree trunk. And don't change the grade by adding dirt over the tree roots.

  5. Posted by ALuiken, — Reply

    Let the tree root flares breathe bud! Just mulch around it. Not too high of course.

  6. Posted by szfox51, — Reply

    This should be a lesson titled “how to kill a tree “ bury the trunk in soil

  7. Posted by yayayita2611, — Reply

    Hola quiero hacer algo parecido pero integrando mi juego de jardín en el medio?

  8. Posted by popowskik, — Reply

    This is not good for your tree☹

  9. Posted by lstate01, — Reply

    Looks cute, but it's terrible for the tree's bark and roots.

  10. Posted by amberlynnsmith2, — Reply

    Great way to kill a tree...

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